Foodie Pharmacology Podcast

The Olive Oil Grove with Lucas Soler

October 4, 2021

Out of all of my kitchen pantry items, olive oil holds the place of honor for being the most important ingredient in most of our meals, whether in dressing salads or sautéing dishes on the stove. But, not all extra virgin olive oils in the grocery store are alike. There have even been issues with companies adulterating EVOO with other inferior oils to make a bigger profit. In this episode, I chat with Lucas Soler, co-founder of The Olive Oil Grove, about how the quality of olive oil begins at the farm where the olives are grown and extends through the harvest and processing steps. We also taste a delicious bottle of early harvest olive oil on the show and describe the qualities that you can look out for as a consumer in search of the best EVOO for your plate!

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