Foodie Pharmacology Podcast

PFAS In Our Food, Our Bodies, and the Environment with Dr. Erin Baker

May 31, 2022

What does the Manhattan project and your sandwich wrapper have in common? PFAS! These per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are man-made chemicals invented nearly 80 years ago that are used in non-stick cookware, raincoats, water-proof boots, sandwich wrappers, take-out food boxes, microwave popcorn bags and more! Despite being linked to several cancers and other health hazards, they are ubiquitous in our modern food system. As “forever chemicals”, they enter the body and stay. I speak with Dr. Erin Baker, a chemist and expert in tracking down PFAS in the environment. She’s developing new untargeted mass spectrometry-based tools to hunt for these toxins in places like pine trees, alligators, water, and human blood. Read more about her research at her laboratory website or follow Dr. Baker and her lab team on Twitter at: @ErinBakerNCSU and @BakerlabNCSU

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