Foodie Pharmacology Podcast

Mescaline and a Tale of Two Cacti with Mike Jay

April 6, 2020

If you’ve ever heard of the mind-altering effects of some interesting edible cacti like Peyote and San Pedro before, but aren’t super familiar with the cultural history and pharmacology of these plants, then this is the podcast episode for you! Join me as I speak with author and expert on psychedelic drugs, Mike Jay, about his new book on mescaline. Mike has written extensively on the history of science, medicine, drugs and mental health. His books include High Society: mind-altering drugs in history and culture (2010) and his most recent, Mescaline: a global history of the first psychedelic (2018). He is based in London, UK and writes regularly for the Wall Street Journal and the London Review of Books.

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