Foodie Pharmacology Podcast

A Short Cut To Mushrooms with Daniel Butler

November 11, 2019

Mushroom forager Daniel Butler shares his tips on your favorite funky fungi. If you’ve ever gone on a forest hike on a wet day in autumn, it’s likely that you encountered many different species of mushrooms growing along the forest floor or on rotting logs. As you marveled at their myriad shapes, sizes and colors, you may have wondered – are these edible? Poisonous? In this episode, I met with with mushroom forager Daniel Butler in the Wales countryside to chat about this and more! From sustainable harvesting techniques to tips on how to learn more about the edible mushrooms found across the US and Europe, we cover some fascinating topics on the world of fungi. Whether you are a seasoned forager, or a novice curious to learn more, there is something for all to learn in this episode. 

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